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Sports Injuries

For many of our patients a key element of recovery from long term injuries and illnesses is returning to sport. Western Integrated Health have extensive experience working with elite, amateur and masters athletes in our capacity as both Physiotherapists & Strength and Conditioning Coaches.


Our highly targeted exercise programs are based on the latest research and have helped many athletes recover from injury and improve their performance.

​Several of our patients have recovered from devastating injuries and gone on the win world and national championships in cycling, triathlon and athletics. 

Sport and Exercise is our passion so we truly understand how important fast and effective rehabilitation is to allow you to return to your chosen activity as soon as possible.


Our Sport Injury Management Program includes:

  • Accurate Diagnosis of the Precise Cause of Your Symptoms 

  • Targeted Exercise Rehabilitation 

  • Graduated Return to Sport Programs

  • Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning Programs

  • Collaborating with coaches regarding Training Modification, Load Management & Timeframes for return to play

  • Joint Mobilisations, Taping and Soft Tissue Massage to manage symptoms 

  • Athletic Screening detect and modify any risk factors for future injuries (prevention is better than a cure!!)

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