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Total Knee Replacement risk soars by 400% after knee arthroscopic surgery!!

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

A 5-year follow-up of a major randomized trial comparing treatment methods for meniscal tears in patients with osteoarthritis showed the risk of total knee replacement was 400% greater in patients who underwent arthroscopic surgery than in those who received Exercise Therapy alone.

IMPORTANTLY Targeted Exercise Rehabilitation conferred similar benefits to arthroscopic surgery in terms of long-term knee pain improvement!

So....Exercise Rehabilitation offered the same benefits in terms of knee function and pain without the 400% increased risk of progressing to a total knee replacement.

These finding are in keeping with the results we see daily in our rehabilitation gym in Subiaco! Additionally patients who opt for Exercise Rehabilitation experience numerous other health benefits in terms of physical, mental and social health.

Hopefully GPs will continue to support Exercise Therapy as a first line, low risk treatment option for arthritic knees!

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